About the founder – Sandra was born and raised in Switzerland, renowned for its fresh mountain air, clear alpine lakes, and focus on health and beauty. She has always been inspired by natural beauty and healthy skin, for almost 20 years working closely with dermatologists and plastic surgeons using state-of-the-art treatments. From this experience (and her curious nature), Sandra has researched and honed the perfect skincare lines to best serve her clients.

To make skincare as much a necessity as working out and going to the dentist – easier and a lot more fun! She believes great skincare is for everybody, not just “spa ladies” or people with tons of money or something you do just before going to a wedding or vacation.

Skincare is more than skin-deep, not only about trying to look young (although that happens!) – it’s about healing your skin and preventing skin conditions and cancers. About knowing you look great and feeling good about yourself every day.

Sandra founded URBAN SKIN to spread the message that facial treatments are for all genders, natural and non-toxic, effective and affordable, a lifestyle not a luxury.

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about the founder